Sunday, 6 January 2019

The Graves - Amazing Graves (Big Dipper Records 2002)

Amazing Neo-60’s Garage Punk from Norway. This release also contains the tracks of their only 7inch Single "I Wanna Do It Again b/w I’ve Been Thinking".

Here is a new band from Norway with their debut 45 on Big Dipper Records, a label that released the debut LP by The Launderettes too. The Graves are a fresh garage punk band and this 45 shows that these four guys and one girl know how to do it. The first side begins with a guitar riff that reminds me of “Bad Little Woman” and whole bunch of garage songs (that doesn’t mean that isn’t this nice, ok?). The whole song is based on that riff and the result is a real success! “I’ve Been Thinkin” is a cover of Paul Bearer & The Hearsemen tune and is a great punker with swirling farfisa in front. The songs of that 45 may already have been released by Big Dipper on CD format too, so if you don’t have a turntable at home (I bet you do!) you can also enjoy the Graves tunes on CD. If you dig the 80s Scandinavian garage punk scene, don’t miss this one!    8 out of 10    Source (

This was the 1st release by The Graves, a hot garage punk outfit from the cold Norway. There are 5 songs in here from which ‘I Wanna Do It Again’ and ‘I’ve Been Thinking’ were released as their debut 45 last year. “Daytime Lover” which opens this mini-album is a wonderful garage pop tune with strong refrain, female harmonies and catchy guitar. “Friday At The Hideout” and “The Graves Theme” is in the best Lust-O-Rama and Cosmic Dropouts tradition. As for the other two songs that I mentioned in the beginning you can go to previous review to read about.    Source

The Graves - Amazing Graves (Big Dipper Records 2002) FLAC    320



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