Friday, 18 January 2019

The Young Pennsylvanians - The Incredible Sound Of.... The Young Pennsylvanians (Majestic Sound Records 2001)

The Young Pennsylvanians are from Kobe, Japan and were formed in Summer 1998. They are playing real teen punk!!!… or better “100% Pure Pittsburgh Beat” as they state on their website They have a lot of influences, too many to mention here. They are still active, especially live, but no further recordings have been made since 2009. 
The band consists of:
Mammy Burgher: Bass Guitar
Kazuyo Burgher: Drums, Vocals
SY-Number1: Lead Guitar, Reverb & Fuzz
SY-Number2: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Here’s a review from Ritchie Apple who runs the outstanding label “Screaming Apple Records”, published in the German OX-fanzine. Nothing else found.  Source

Japanische 6t´s Jünger zelebrieren ihre Liebe für klassischen Beat und Garage-Punk bis ins letzte Detail.Da hat NEATBEATS-Chef und Majestic Sound Records-Inhaber Mr. Pan mal wieder ein gutes Händchen bewiesen, denn die YOUNG PA´S verstehen ihr Handwerk.
Ein langjähriges, intensives Studium der schönen (Garagen)-Künste zahlt sich eben aus. Bin immer wieder erstaunt, wie spielstark Bands aus Japan sind. Die Vier rocken sich durch den prächtigen Euro-Beat-Garten der Mitt-Sechziger und verstehen sich obendrein auch noch vortrefflich auf die Entsendung einer Teen-Punk-Hymne nach der anderen.

Da haben es wahrscheinlich selbst die "No Hit Wonders" besagter Dekade schwer gehabt authentischer zu klingen. Allerdings scheinen sie doch ein wenig Angst vor der eigenen Courage zu haben, denn sie verzichten fast durchgehend auf eigenes Material und bauen ganz auf die Klasse obskurer Coverversionen.

Eigentlich schade. Ändert aber nichts an der Tatsache, das "the incredible sound of..." vielleicht nicht unbedingt "incredible", aber in jedem Fall ´ne klasse Platte ist, die sicherlich zu den besten neuen Garagen Alben gehört, die ich in letzter Zeit gehört habe.

Wer also eine Vorliebe für "Pebbles" und "Back From The Grave" Compilations und Bands wie die frühen CHESTERFIELD KINGS oder THANES hat, wird um diese Scheibe nicht umhin kommen. Feines Teil.

The Young Pennsylvanians - The Incredible Sound Of.... The Young Pennsylvanians (Majestic Sound Records 2001) FLAC    320


Sunday, 6 January 2019

The Graves - Amazing Graves (Big Dipper Records 2002)

Amazing Neo-60’s Garage Punk from Norway. This release also contains the tracks of their only 7inch Single "I Wanna Do It Again b/w I’ve Been Thinking".

Here is a new band from Norway with their debut 45 on Big Dipper Records, a label that released the debut LP by The Launderettes too. The Graves are a fresh garage punk band and this 45 shows that these four guys and one girl know how to do it. The first side begins with a guitar riff that reminds me of “Bad Little Woman” and whole bunch of garage songs (that doesn’t mean that isn’t this nice, ok?). The whole song is based on that riff and the result is a real success! “I’ve Been Thinkin” is a cover of Paul Bearer & The Hearsemen tune and is a great punker with swirling farfisa in front. The songs of that 45 may already have been released by Big Dipper on CD format too, so if you don’t have a turntable at home (I bet you do!) you can also enjoy the Graves tunes on CD. If you dig the 80s Scandinavian garage punk scene, don’t miss this one!    8 out of 10    Source (

This was the 1st release by The Graves, a hot garage punk outfit from the cold Norway. There are 5 songs in here from which ‘I Wanna Do It Again’ and ‘I’ve Been Thinking’ were released as their debut 45 last year. “Daytime Lover” which opens this mini-album is a wonderful garage pop tune with strong refrain, female harmonies and catchy guitar. “Friday At The Hideout” and “The Graves Theme” is in the best Lust-O-Rama and Cosmic Dropouts tradition. As for the other two songs that I mentioned in the beginning you can go to previous review to read about.    Source

The Graves - Amazing Graves (Big Dipper Records 2002) FLAC    320


Thursday, 3 January 2019

The Indikation - In Terms Of... (Teen Sound Records ‎2004)

Ever since their first single on the French Larsen label, there was something in the air “indikating” that something’s about to hit the moderndaze sixties scene.
Over the past year or so, they kept us curious, breaking the uncertainty with two more shiny little vinyl’s (another one on Larsen and one on the German Screaming Apple label) and now here’s the full-length experience, THE colourful beat stomp, in terms of The Indikation!.
The opening tune Search Your Heart is “indikative” enough of the mid-to-end ‘60s mod aesthetics they are trying to preserve, through the sound and the looks.
Of course, the Zombie-like “intelligent” r’n’beat is unavoidable and it materializes in the shape of Looking At You, adding some McGuinn-ish 12-string flourishes and By My Side, with an almost gospel a-cappella ending, while the catchy melody of Got To Tell Them turns them into Go(u)ld-men.
As always, The Indikation also provide a coupla cleverly chosen covers, making them their own (…like The Zombies’ What More Can I Do, Chad & Jeremy’s Should I, the Donovan-written You Just Gotta Know My Mind originally done by Karen Veros in ’65 and Dana Gillespie in ’68 or The Times’ (She Can’t Replace) The Love We Knew).
Though I’m not much of an instro guy, even London Electricity, which is actually a semi-instro, is a sure crowd mover containing lines such as “If you need some satisfaction, Indikation’s got the action!”.
Of course, for the sake of authencity, Liam Watson’s Toe Rag studio is the place that makes all of this really happening!    by Garwood Pickjon

The long awaited debut album by The Indikation is finally out! The Indikation have been around for at least 2 years since they put out their first 45 on Larsen Records. They did create a very good reputation with their following 2 45s on Screaming Apple and Larsen Records and normally the album followed. The result is brilliant. This album is wonderful, full of freakbeat, pop and RnB music recorded in Toe Rag studios in London by whom else but Liam Watson himself. Mr. Watson is again responsible for a high quality sound record though it isn’t the high standards of sound that makes this album perfect. It’s mostly the ability of each one Indikation members starting from Per Oydir (organ/piano), whose compositions in here stand above the rest: Songs like ‘Looking At You’ (composed in collaboration with Frode Skjold, guitar/vocals), ‘London Electricity’ (with Thomas Jamt Roaas – drums), ‘Go To Tell Them’ and ‘By My Side’ are simply remarkable. The same ability in compositions is not a charisma only for Per but for the other members of the band like Peder Bernhardt (vocals/harmonica/percussion) who is responsible along with Thomas for the album opening freakbeat/pop song titled ‘Search your Heart’ and the up tempo beatlesque beat titled ‘I Can End Your Misery’, which is one of the best moments of the album, for its tempo, harmonies and organ groove. I don’t have to be unrighteous with the bass player, Christian Brodsjo, who may not have any of his own compositions in here but it’s more than obvious that its his ability along with Thomas that offers The Indikation this tight and strong rhythm beat. The album includes overall 12 songs from which the half of them is covers and it’s going to be out in vinyl too in March (why not the Acid Lemon album too, Massimo?). ‘In Terms Of…’ is the best beat album since The Embrooks ‘Our New Day’ on Voxx Records! You can listen it to it at 6.00 AM either you just woke up or you are on your way home after hangin’ out! POP in terms of The Indikation, that is, of course! If you need some satisfaction, The Indikation got the action!!!   Source 

The Indikation - In Terms Of... (Teen Sound Records ‎2004) FLAC   320


Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Kek '66 - Kek '66 (Animal Records 1999)

Biography (translated by Google)

Continued on the Amsterdam neo-sixties group The Kliek, who in 1990 steals the hearts of many beat-lovers with their self-titled debut album in both the Netherlands and far beyond. Reference points for the music of Kek 66 are American garage punk from the years 1964-1967 and the Nederbeat of Q 65 and Golden Earrings from the mid-sixties.

When the Amsterdam-based neo-sixties band The Kliek made a definitive end of it in 1995, singer Robert Müter decides to start his own band that goes further where The Kliek is held up. Together with drummer Stefan Sleutel, who has been part of The Kliek and bassist and second vocalist Marc de Regt in a gray past, they join forces and Kek '66 is a fact. The first single Na Na Na / Angela / You Treated Me Bad appears on the Spanish Guerssen label. Na Na Na is an adaptation of a Shoes classic, while Angela is a Spanish-speaking song. The single appears on a Spanish label, because there is hardly any interest in neo-sixties music in the Netherlands and Kek '66 already has a tour through Spain.

Kek '66 leaves for Spain for the second time. During a Psychedelic Party at the Vrieshuis in Amsterdam, drummer Stefan Sleutel says goodbye to the band. Just like at the time at The Kliek, Stefan makes room for the Russian Zenja Guberman. In the sixties underground world Kek 66, now without apostrophe, starts to become a well-known name, without there being any great name recognition in the Netherlands.

The second single How Many Times? / Land Of Dreams appears on the French Larsen label. In addition, the final hand is put on the debut album.

In the "Paradiso" the first album, simply Kek 66 entitled, is being christened. The press unanimously praises the album that is released on vinyl by the Utrecht Pornogram Records. The music of Kek 66 goes back to the heyday of American psychedelic garage bands like 13th Floor Elevators and Electric Prunes and the Nederbeat of Q 65 and Golden Earrings.

Kek '66 The CD version of the first album (with a bonus number on it) appears, partly inspired by an aversion to the Dutch music industry, with the Spanish Animal Records. The group undertakes a tour through Russia (where drummer Zenja was born), Germany and Spain. In the Netherlands, despite the good reviews, it remains difficult for Kek 66 to get underfoot.

In the spring the second album On The Outside Looking In is released, both on CD and on vinyl. On the record Phantom Frank (former Treble Spankers) provides a special arrangement of the song Sandra.

Kek '66 - Kek '66 (Animal Records 1999) FLAC   320


Monday, 31 December 2018

The Uptight - The Uptight (Off The Hip Records 2003)

Surely they are the sons of Bo-Weevils…! Ok, this is obviously not true but The Uptight are as fab as The Bo-Weevils were in their first recordings, especially in “The Vortex Took Them” mini-album in 1987. I believe what I just mentioned is more than enough for the Cavemen and Cavegurls who like the Bo-Weevils… For the rest, I only have to say that this is one of the best garage punk albums that came from Australia the last years. Top songs of the album, which includes 12 in overall are “Fun”, “Stop Stop A Go Go” (great shakin instro), “Among The Flowers” (moody songs that reminds me of the Vietnam Veterans!), “Can’t Dig That Scene” (BFTG punker). Dig the fuzz!   Source

There's a fine line between inspired borrowing and parody and after repeated listenings it's not clear which side of it these guys (and gal) are on.
The Uptight are a Farfisa-driven, '60s punk outfit from Sydney who are cartoonish clods rather than authentic, Voxx-toting, pudding-bowl haircut-wearing wannabe throwbacks. That isn't neccesarilly a bad thing: Being authentic for authentic's sake sometimes carries with it a lack of heart. The Uptiight's ranks are filled by veterans of a myriad of garage/'60s punk/frat band acts who probably have almost as many Nuggets/Pebbles/Back From The Grave/Boulders/Mindrocker compilations in their collections as Greg Shaw.
Best description of the bloodlines is to say The Uptight are close relatives of Sheek the Shayk but that's where the comparison ends. In The Uptight's world, the fuzz quotient is turned right down on most tracks (with the exception of "But Then One Day", "It's True" and "Return to Pismo", the latter boasting the much-travelled Steven Danno guesting on, uh, Pismo guitar). Gigi Rydell's prominent keyboards gives The Uptight a distinctive feel that few bands on the local scene are using.
Vocals are a shared assignment between guitarist Phillip Wigglesworth (if I told you his real name, I'd have to kill you) and Gigi. Herr Wigglesworth plays it for larfs, pushing the envelope on a song like "The Man in the Green Fez", which sounds like the late, departed Thurston Howlers reprising a bad '60s spy thriller's theme music, and "It's True".
Camped up as it is, it works for me in a weird sort of way (but I've been listening to way too much '60s punk stuff lately). Bottom line is that many of those '60s garage bands were inept 15-year-olds with Beatles/Stones pretensions and just enough or Dad's money in their pockets to buy a reel-of-tape and a bus ride to a pressing plant. The Uptight aren't taking things as seriously as that and assessed on that level, this is an enjoyable enough trip.   The Barman

 The Uptight - The Uptight (Off The Hip Records 2003) FLAC    320


Sunday, 30 December 2018

The Deadvikings - Electric Demon (Zodiac Killer Records 2012)

High energy R`n`R !!! from JPN !!

They might not be Japan’s most prolific rock and roll band but The Deadvikings’ two full-length albums each pack a considerable punch. This one dates from early in their 11-year history and delivers their Hellacopters style jams in spade-loads.
The Deadvikings toured last year’s “Libertatia” in Australia - well, in Sydney - and they're back in 2018, confusingly pushing their first CD from 10 years ago. Ours is not to reason why... 
"Electric Demon" has some wayward moments (the ragged "The Ripper" and the low-key opening title track, which sounds underdone) but for the most part, it's surging high-energy rock songs. They're clearly in the thrall of the 'Copters and their Scandi Rock contemporaries, but this is hardly a bad thing when done right. 
The Deadvikings have a bit of groove in their songs and when it kicks in on a brash MC5-style barn-burner like "(Baby) Let's Do The Twist", it clicks. "The Song For Deadbeat" is another place where guitar pyrotechnics lock in with the pliable but powerful engine room and generate sparks. Vocalist Ken Deadviking sings in English and has a passable guitar player's voice, but his intertwining interplay with six-string partner Shogo Deadviking is where the action is. 
"I Will Save Rock and Roll" sounds like a response to the Dictators - and it might just be. Ken's vocal finds its furtherest limit, but there's no mistaking the intent of the straffing guitar licks and riffs. These Western ears also love an accented lyric that celebrates "lock and loll".   
It's a pity The Deadvikings' second Australian visit isn't taking them further afield than Sydney (the dates are here) because there's a broader audience for the Rock Action that they're selling, even if their level of touring doesn't pay handsomely these days. Catch them if you can and pick up a copy of this...  The Barman

I usually expect the grimier side of the rock’n’roll spectrum from Zodiac Killer records. This is not grimy. The label must be trying to diversify. It works. This CD has all of the mandatory, rollicking rock energy. I don’t want to say it’s clean, because it’s not clean. Maybe it’s more focused. Maybe it’s more precise. The Deadvikings know exactly how to use their weapons. Not a single bass line meanders. The drums are going to beat on you so hard you’re not going to be able to stop nodding your head. You’re going to get slapped in the face with some rollicking guitar solos, and you’re going to beg for more. You’ll probably even try to sing along, and it will sound terrible. But you’ll keep doing it, because you love it and you can’t stop.    Source

The Deadvikings - Electric Demon (Zodiac Killer Records 2012) FLAC   320


Tuesday, 6 November 2018

The Primordials - Fourteen Prime Numbers (Screaming Apple Records 2007)

Primal sounds abound as Screaming Apple introduces the first-ever LP of THE PRIMORDIALS, a tight-trousered foursome from the caverns of Canada. ‘Fourteen Prime Numbers’ beats on the freak with an extra-large baker’s dozen of British, Continental, Colonial and Antipodal big-beat shouters, tearing a new one out of songs by the RATTLES, the SORROWS, the ATTRACTIONS, Tony Barber, the ECCENTRICS, and even the KRAVIN’ A’s. Recording in glorious Living Mono, Ryan, Dave, Shawn and Robbie pound out a tribute to some of the finest unsung heroes of the mid-sixties, giving you an excuse to dust off your winklepickers and give your mojo a workout!
This wax platter comes packed with crunchy guitars, seventh chords in the wrong place, two-fingered solos, and helium huffin’ harmonies guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning Beatkeller-dweller. Swingin’ 60’s mod-beat hasn’t sounded this soulful since those glory days of bands like the ACTION, the ARTWOODS or the V.I.P.’s. Start your next wild dance craze NOW with fourteen instant floorfillers by the fabulous PRIMORDIALS. You read it, now GET it!   Source

Freakbeat, das ist jene wundervolle Mischung aus lauten Gitarren, engen karierten Hosen, bunten Popart-Hemden und spitzen Stiefeln, die ca. 1966 die Dominanz der fröhlichen Mersey-Harmonien durchbrach, und für ein bis zwei Jahre, bevor der Hippierock sein bärtiges Antlitz offenbarte, einige wunderbare Singles und LPs hervorbrachte.
Allerdings ist der klassische Freakbeat ja ein rein europäisches Phänomen geblieben, so dass es nun schon spannend klingt, wie sich eine kanadische Band des Genres annimmt. Die PRIMORDIALS, bestehend aus Mitgliedern der Garagepunk-Truppe MIDWAYS, hat nun ein Album mit 14 brandheißen Freakbeat-Fegern zusammengestellt.
Crunchige Vox-Amps, Siebener-Akkorde an den unmöglichsten Stellen, zweifingrig zusammengefiedelte Soli und Heliumharmonien gibt es hier zur Genüge. Und dazu eine heiße Parade der wildesten Floorfiller von Bands wie den RATTLES, SORROWS, den SMOKE-Vorläufern SHOTS, ECCENTRICS, CRAIG, ATTRACTIONS oder den FAVOURITE SONS.
Und auch eine "zeitgenössische" Band, die Medway-Beater KRAVIN A'S wurde gecovert. Schönes Album, authentisch, detailversessen, leider keine eigenen Songs.
(9)   Gereon Helmer

The Primordials - Fourteen Prime Numbers (Screaming Apple Records 2007) FLAC   320