Tuesday, 6 November 2018

The Primordials - Fourteen Prime Numbers (Screaming Apple Records 2007)

Primal sounds abound as Screaming Apple introduces the first-ever LP of THE PRIMORDIALS, a tight-trousered foursome from the caverns of Canada. ‘Fourteen Prime Numbers’ beats on the freak with an extra-large baker’s dozen of British, Continental, Colonial and Antipodal big-beat shouters, tearing a new one out of songs by the RATTLES, the SORROWS, the ATTRACTIONS, Tony Barber, the ECCENTRICS, and even the KRAVIN’ A’s. Recording in glorious Living Mono, Ryan, Dave, Shawn and Robbie pound out a tribute to some of the finest unsung heroes of the mid-sixties, giving you an excuse to dust off your winklepickers and give your mojo a workout!
This wax platter comes packed with crunchy guitars, seventh chords in the wrong place, two-fingered solos, and helium huffin’ harmonies guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning Beatkeller-dweller. Swingin’ 60’s mod-beat hasn’t sounded this soulful since those glory days of bands like the ACTION, the ARTWOODS or the V.I.P.’s. Start your next wild dance craze NOW with fourteen instant floorfillers by the fabulous PRIMORDIALS. You read it, now GET it!   Source

Freakbeat, das ist jene wundervolle Mischung aus lauten Gitarren, engen karierten Hosen, bunten Popart-Hemden und spitzen Stiefeln, die ca. 1966 die Dominanz der fröhlichen Mersey-Harmonien durchbrach, und für ein bis zwei Jahre, bevor der Hippierock sein bärtiges Antlitz offenbarte, einige wunderbare Singles und LPs hervorbrachte.
Allerdings ist der klassische Freakbeat ja ein rein europäisches Phänomen geblieben, so dass es nun schon spannend klingt, wie sich eine kanadische Band des Genres annimmt. Die PRIMORDIALS, bestehend aus Mitgliedern der Garagepunk-Truppe MIDWAYS, hat nun ein Album mit 14 brandheißen Freakbeat-Fegern zusammengestellt.
Crunchige Vox-Amps, Siebener-Akkorde an den unmöglichsten Stellen, zweifingrig zusammengefiedelte Soli und Heliumharmonien gibt es hier zur Genüge. Und dazu eine heiße Parade der wildesten Floorfiller von Bands wie den RATTLES, SORROWS, den SMOKE-Vorläufern SHOTS, ECCENTRICS, CRAIG, ATTRACTIONS oder den FAVOURITE SONS.
Und auch eine "zeitgenössische" Band, die Medway-Beater KRAVIN A'S wurde gecovert. Schönes Album, authentisch, detailversessen, leider keine eigenen Songs.
(9)   Gereon Helmer

The Primordials - Fourteen Prime Numbers (Screaming Apple Records 2007) FLAC   320


The Tyme Society - When I See Her Eyes EP (Butterfly Records 2001)

The Tyme Society were a strongly sixties - oriented combo with strong garage & folk psych influences, fronted by Massimo del Pozzo (the Others, Misty Lane fanzine). They grab inspiration from american garage beat and the melanchonic sound of New England bands and East Coast americana with a hint of dutch folk beat psych. They have a debut ep out on Psych Out Records and have included one song in the EXPO 2000 ep witch include also tracks of the Chocolate Watchband, the Thanes and the Rookies.
This new 3 songs ep included two great U.S. midwest garage folk punk songs (very much into Love/Enfields) and one superb instro Psych.   Source

The Tyme Society - When I See Her Eyes EP (Butterfly Records 2001) FLAC   320


Monday, 5 November 2018

The Giljoteens - Get A Head (Teen Sound Records 2004)

Surely as long as fresh new bands like the Indikation, The Hara-Kee-Rees and the Giljoteens keep on showing up and making records, I will be enjoying garage punk music till the day I die…(Probably thereafter I will be listening to that stuff again…!). So, thanks to the fab Teen Sound Records, here is the long awaited debut album of these Swedish lads that have already put out three splendid 45s in the near past: one single on Loser Records, one EP on Screaming Apple and their latest EP on Teen Sound too. As for the content of the album, in simple words “Get A Head” is one solid garage punk record already entered in the all-time classics of the genre! 13 authentic songs including just one cover of “Leaving Here” and original killers like “Things Have Been Bad”, “Empty Soul” (which appeared in the “They Came From The North” CD on Zorch Records last year), “One Track Mind” and the moody punker “Point Of No Return”… What else would you expect from an album that the liner notes of the sleeve are written by Mans P. Mansson and Jens Lindberg…? If this album was released on vinyl it would be the great too, right Mass?   Source

THE GILJOTEENS play garage punk, but they aren't simply a nostalgic retro act. Because where many bands like this are only about reproducing a sound and rely on covers from compilations like "Back From The Grave", THE GILJOTEENS also add the most important piece of them all - talent and a knack for writing killer originals! The melodic yet raw vocals, perfect in yer face attack of the drums, reverbed and sometimes fuzzed out twang of the guitar, the rolling bass and the great atmospheric farfisa organ all combine together to a great & original listening experience. For fans of PRETTY THINGS, MAHARAJAS, DEE RANGERS, MANDO DIAO, CAESARS & MAGGOTS.   Source

The Giljoteens - Get A Head (Teen Sound Records 2004) FLAC   320


Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Thee Oh No's - Out Of The Garage And Into The Shed (Ski Mask Records 2002)

This 7-song gem is a fast, fun slab of garage punk goodness! 

In an era where originality and freshness of style are extremely rare, Thee Oh No's, epitomize all that is imaginative in the garage rock idiom. These four young men, who hail from Tempe, Arizona, have captivated the attention of almost every musically minded individual around these United States. They mix their musical talent with an exciting stage presentation that is so necessary to suceed. The current lineup is Mr. Moto Oh No (guitar/organ/vox), Drain Oh No (guitar/vox), King Sunny Oh No (drums), and Sumo Oh No (bass). Their music is a blend of 1960's garage, bands like The Sonics, The Imperials, The Frantics, etc and more current garage bands like The Mummies, and The Gravedigger V. Thee Oh No's have released their self titled CD on their own "Skimask Records".

These guys deserve a giant high five. Thee Oh No's play catchy, fast-paced straight up garage rock. The organ thrown in makes you want to pick up your feet and dance dance dance! Not only is the music amazing, but the lyrics are laugh out loud hilarious. DEFINITELY A MUST HAVE!
LN Deathbot

Thee Oh No's - Out Of The Garage And Into The Shed (Ski Mask Records 2002) FLAC   320


Saturday, 27 October 2018

Cardboard Villains - Cardboard Villains (Ghost Highway Recordings 2013)

Cardboard Villains is a Swedish five piece that write and perform modern songs with a retro feel. Fans of 60's garage rock or vintage pop will find plenty to love about this album. Formed in 2010 by Linus Wallin (vocals and guitar) and Magnus Nordin (bass), this band quickly started writing songs and playing together with drummer Magnus Magnusson and keyboard player Mats Sjöblom. Magnus Ellsveden (guitar) joined shortly afterwards. The band has released one single and one LP on the Spanish vinyl lable Ghost Highway Recordings.   Source

Ghost Highway have just released the first album from the swedish band Cardboard Villains. After a good single in 2012, repressed in green or purple this summer, the lp is in the same vein of modern poppy garage with great rocking tunes: "Right behind you" with a chorus that reminds me an Only Ones song or "Move It On" drived by the organ and the fuzz, and also good ballads, "Noble art" would reminds another great lost swedish band, The Playmates...   Source

Cardboard Villains - Cardboard Villains (Ghost Highway Recordings 2013) FLAC   320


(Lana) Loveland - Order To Love (Vinyl, Groovie Records 2011)

The Lana pulls off a very difficult work that only a handful of Garage Psych revival bands will even bother with by writing songs that go beyond mere cult of vintage melodies. Is debut album “Order To Love”, on Groovie Records is more than the collection of hooky singles that honestly was waiting. It's a real album, with a composite laminate, which I'll continue to listen for an extended period in order to really know and not just because I am addicted Garage and Psych highs. The first two tracks, “Black Glove” and “Missing Illusions”, previous release on a 7’’ at Butterfly Records are, the first a “catchy poppier” and the second a sweet  psych jams. “Theater Of Dreams” is an 80’s revival 60’s song, as “Nervous People” is a stunningly successful piece of vocal feminist and organ-driven, terminating in psychotic state. Of course, that “Missing Link” is easily the album's best track, a topic about staying true to yourself. These songs are part of a surprisingly good argument for screwing the idea of the Garage as a way to always be an emotional realness. Then there’s “Paranoia” a songs that would work well as a basement garage sing along songs, but “Silence Everywhere” and “Constant Furs” show that Lana Loveland can write the kind of catchy, super concentrated psych garage that could leave everybody asking they were not able to do this.
Get this album, learn all the lyrics of all the songs, and then go to the streets and spread the words, peace, love and Loveland.   Source

Wo andere zwanghaft retro sind, wartet die Berlinerin Lana LOVELAND mit immenser Credibility auf: Nicht nur, dass sie bei den FUZZTONES orgelt, sondern auch in Los Angeles unter der Ägide der Sixties-Underground-Helden THE BONNIWELL MUSIC MACHINE. Was sie gemeinsam mit ihrem Bruder Lenny für diese Scheibe unter eigenem Namen fabriziert hat, ist nichts weniger als ein Trip zurück in der Zeit, der seinesgleichen sucht.
Schweineorgel und beschwörende Stimme stehen im Mittelpunkt der vordergründig überschaubaren, aber tatsächlich verschlungenen, vor Details strotzenden Kompositionen. In „Theater Of Dreams“ etwa ist man sich für Rhythmuswechsel nicht zu schade, und statt ständig dieselbe Stimmung zu verbreiten, schlingern LOVELAND zwischen sexy („Paranoia“) und schummrig („Nervous People“ mit Surf-Anleihen), freudig ( „Waiting“) und melancholisch („Silence Everywhere“) hin und her. Beeindruckend sind dabei die Fingerfertigkeiten sowohl der Frontfrau als auch der Saitenfraktion, die von JARABE-DE-PALO-Drummer Alex Tenas klasse zusammengehalten wird.
Loveland, die mitunter wie Grace Slick (höre das treibende „Missing Link“) klingt, gibt abgesehen vom schleichenden „Bandit“ beim Songwriting den Ton an. Das nölende „Constant Furs“ gehört am Ende zu den besonders eingängigen Stücken eines ohnehin hittigen Albums, dem drei Live-Bonusstücke anheimgestellt wurden. Diese machen Lust auf ein Konzertdarbietung dieser im Vergleich zu den jüngsten Erzeugnissen von Lanas Hauptband stärker zwingenden Zusammenstellung von am Flower-Power-Sound orientierten, aber dennoch aktuell oder zeitlos (Texte!) klingenden Liedern.
FAZIT: „Order To Love“ ist ein Fest für Freunde nicht nur der DOORS, sondern begeistert auch Kenner der Materie Sixties-Garage: Stichwort Linda Pierre King, Jeanne Hatfield und so weiter.   Source

(Lana) Loveland - Order To Love (Vinyl, Groovie Records 2011) FLAC   320


Thursday, 25 October 2018

Cheeks - I Know What You Did Last Summer EP (Beyond Your Mind Records 2007)

This German five-piece employs a near perfect blend of organ, skewed pop harmonies and guitar to come up with a killer EP. Apparently their last album on the same label was a psych-pop thing but this updates the '60s beat genre with their own stamp. Singer Rono has a warm vocal that sits perfectly with their sound. They sound like an agreeable cross between The Strollers and The Stems. How they stayed under my wire so long (their first long-player was on Screaming Apple in 1997) I don't know but I want to hear more. You should know that Lana Loveland of The Fuzztones guested on organ and the black vinyl they pressed it on is thick enough to be a manhole cover.   Source

A1 - I Know What You Did Last Summer
A2 - Memory Line
AA1 - On A Night Like This
AA2 - The Ballad Of Will-O-The-Whisp

The Cheeks - I Know What You Did Last Summer EP (Beyond Your Mind Records 2007) FLAC   320